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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Frieder Schoeck

Citric Acid Cycle and Electron Transport ChainCitric Acid CycleComplete oxidation of AcetylCo A C2Thus 2 CO2 are releasedThe enzymes dehydrogenase are coupled with the oxidation of the molecules through NADFAD which results in the loss of a CO2 andor creating FADH2NADHH3 NADHH 1 FADH2 1 ATP and 2 CO2 are produced Electron Transport Chain Uses NADHH and FADH2 generated to create ATPFlow of electrons in a series of redox reactions causes active transport of protons across inner mitochondrial membraneThis causes a proton concentration gradientPotons then diffuse down gradient into matrix and this causes creation of ATPThis is known as oxidative phosphorylationETC consists of 3 large protein complexes bound to inner mitochondrial membrane and Cytochrome C and Ubiquinone which are hydrophobic carriers that shuttle hydrogenselectrons from one complex to the next
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