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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 200
Monique Zetka

BIOL-200 Lecture 4 September 11, 2013 Transcription st st -RNApolymerase grabs 1 rNTP (complementary base pairs w/ 1 DNAbase) -transcription starts in 3' direction of template, synthesis of RNAis 5' to 3' transcription begins at nucleotide +1 -beings polymerization of RNAmolecule -before = upstream -promoter (signal for RNA to know general area of start site) -enhancer elements -after = downstream -coding sequence template strand (3' to 5') complements with RNA phosphodiester bond formed, RNApolymerase goes from initiation to elongation -can have multiple transcription bubbles (RNApolymerases can transcribe simultaneously at diff. Positions) -primary transcript (prior to RNAsplicing) RNTPs are substrates used by RNApolymerase Organization of genes PROKARYOTIES operons: multiple genes stitched together few non-coding gaps in DNA EUKARYOTES genes are on different chromosomes but can be shuttled to the same location September 13, 2013 2 NTPs introduced = phosphodiester bond formed Gene organization RNAprocessing 5' end: enzymes add the 5' cap (5' – 5' linkage) prevents degradation splicing of introns done by enzymes independent of polymerase if enzymes that degrade DNAare around, the polyAtail protects the 3' end UTR: parts of genes
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