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Lecture 14

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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 201
Gary Brouhard

Liposomes, which use a form nanotechnology science, also impressively and harmoniously, use the generalized nature of the liposomes themselves to increase the efficacy, bioavailability, absorption, and delivery of these certain entrapped dietary and nutritional supplements. The generalized nature and makeup of phospholipid composed liposomes adroitly complement the natural lining of nearly every cell within the human body. This therefore creates a natural bond and or affinity for the liposomes to deliver their onboard “payload” to the cells. The quality of rawLipid used in the preparation and manufacturing of the liposomes therefore precisely co- relates to this natural congruency between the liposomes and the cells of the human body. The correct choice of liposome preparation method depends on the following parameters: 1. the physicochemical characteristics of the material to be entrapped and those of the liposomal ingredients; 2. the nature of the medium in which the lipid vesicles are dispersed 3. the effective concentration of the entrapped substance and its potential toxicity; 4. additional processes involved during application/delivery of the vesicles; 5. optimum size, polydispersity and shelf-life of the vesicles for the intended application; and, 6. batch-to-batch reproducibility and possibility of large-scale production of safe and efficient liposomal products Formation of liposomes and nanoliposomes is not a spontaneous process. Lipid vesicles are formed when phospholipids such as lecithin are placed in water and consequently form one bilayer or a series of bilayers, each separated by water molecules, once enough energy is supplied. Liposomes can be created by sonicating phospholipids in water. Low shear rates crea
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