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Lecture 13

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 202
Mario Chevrette

Lecture 13 When a scar tissue exists on the heart, remove the scar tissue, and sew the sections of the muscles back together, this would fix the issue. The right heart has a much lower pressure, going to about 20mmHg. Frank-Starling Mechanism: a typical end-diastolic volume is about 120mL, a stroke volume is normally 70mL. If we stretch the ventricles, the EDV goes up, and so does the stroke volume. Preload is equal to the state of the load of the muscles pre contraction. If EDV is larger, then the pressure is larger and the load on the muscle is bigger. Valvular Murmurs: Not all murmurs are pathological, many are normal. A normal opened blood flow with valves would be laminar, and are quiet. A closed valve would be quiet also. However, a stenotic valve, which is a half opened vessel with a broken valve, would lead to flow expansion, and a turbulent flow, which leads to a murmur. An insufficiently closed valve that cannot close completely, is a turbulent backflow murmur creater. Blood Pressure: Arterial blood pressure is measured on the left heart. When blood flows into the aorta, which is stretchy. Since it takes time for the arteries to carry all of the blood, the pressure remains high for some time. The peak pressure is the systolic pressure, the minimum pressure is the diastolic pressure. 120mmHg and 80mmHg respectively. The pulse pressure is the peak minus the minimum. The mean pressure would be the diastolic pressure and a third of the pulse pressure. Measurement of Blood Pressure: direct and indirect. Direct measure requires an arterial puncture, a manometer. Aneroid sphyg
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