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Lecture 8

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 202
Mario Chevrette

Lecture 8 Survivability expectations requires compensation in the expected values. This change results in a decrease in the degree of freedom, since information was consumed in order to generate data. Physical Maps of the Chromosomes Sequence multiple times, overlap to produce full map of the chromosome. Line up the phenotypic and the recombinant map to sandwich in the desired trait is. Narrows down to a region of candidate genes. Phenotypes and Genetic Interactions I Homogentisic acid builds up in tissues and in urine, leading to black urine when exposed to oxygen. This problem was solved by maleylactoacetic acid. This solves the problem of a lack of precursor for a functioning gene. Solved by providing the precursor for the enzyme. Cystic Fibrosis: viscous secretion caused by mutation in the CFTR gene, leading to a problem with chloride and sodium transport. A haplosufficiency is one in which a half dose of a gene (1 allele) is enou
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