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Lecture 9

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 202
Mario Chevrette

Lecture 9 Neurospora is easy to grow, simple carbon and very basic elements are enough for the wild types to grow. Mutants shouldn’t be just sick, they need to have a simple pathway disrupted to be controlled. Bred with a normal wild type to create a functional fruiting body to ensure that it’s a desired mutant. TO test what’s going on, we put it on regular medium, and then slowly take away each nutrient until we find out what would prevent further growth. For a metabolic pathway, the mutations would shut down a certain enzyme, and testing would be able to show exactly which of the enzymes were inactivated. The further downstream the mutation, the less possible the materials that could sustain the growth. Beadle and Tatum received a Nobel Price in 1958 for their 1 gene 1 enzyme discovery. Gene Complementation Testing Testing of multiple mutants creating hybrid mutants of the same allele (different type of mutation on the same allele, now 2 copies of the allele for the same gene differs in their mutations). This could be used to show haploefficiency. If the 2 mutations are on different genes on the same pathway, and a normal wild type pheno
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