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Lecture 5

Study Questions for Lecture 5 Study Question answers to Lecture 5.

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 303
Dragana Miskovic

1What are the relationships between epiblast ectoderm and epidermis When are they specified during mammalian developmentThe ectoderm is specified during gastrulationblastulation Epidermis is made from ectoderm it is the outer epithelial layer of the embryo And the Epiblast is a single cell layer2Which tissues are developing from ectodermSurface ectoderm neural crest and neural tube3What are the four stages in the formation of neuroblast from a blastula cellEpiblast cellblastula cells to form neuroblast1 competenceinduction cells can become neuroblast cells if they are exposed to the correct combination of signals2 specification cells have received the appropriate signals to become neuroblasts but certain signals can repress this from happening during the neural pathway3 commitment determination neuroblasts cells have entered the neural differentiation pathway and they will become neuroblasts even if inhibitory cells are present4 Differentiation the neuroblast cells leave mitotic division and express their characteristics on the neurons4What is the neural plate and how is it formed Why did we talk again about Spemanns organizer transplant experiment in this contextThe neural plat
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