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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 428
Sebastien Breau

Vertigo-Alfred Hitchcock First zoom in on a woman’s lips, and then credits begin to come out of her eyes. Part 1 Dream- Man, cop, and Scottie coming up a ladder on the side of a building. Scottie can’t make the jump over and is hanging to his death, the cop comes back to help him and says “give me your hand”, but falls to his death. Scottie has a cane and a corset now and is in a room with Midge who is sketching saying he is happy he has it off tomorrow so he can scratch himself. He was a bright young lawyer who decided he’s going to be chief of police someday. “I had to quit. I have a fear of heights (acrophobia). I have a dream every night of a man falling. He says acrophobia gives him vertigo and makes him dizzy. Asks Midge about a brazier she’s designing. No shoulder straps, no back straps, revolutionary lift. He says he’s never seen one like that before. Asks her when she’ll get married- she says there’s only one man in the world for me. “me?” He says we were engaged once, 3 whole weeks in college. He says she called the wedding off and he’s still available. He asks her if she remembers Gavin Elster from college. Says he got a call from him- after the war he went east. Says he’ll call him up, have drinks and tell him his troubles. He asks her if she wants to go out tonight, she says sorry she has work. He stands on a stool and says he can work through his fear of heights progressively to overcome them. Part 2 He gets up on higher steps and gets dizzy and falls into Midge’s arms. Goes to Gavin’s office, asks him how he got into the ship business, he says he married it. Says he finds it dull. Says his wife’s family moved away so someone has to look after her interests. He’s been back for a year. San Francisco’s changed he says, says the things that made it are disappearing. Says he’s sorry about what he read in the paper, and is it a permanent disability? Scottie says no, just can’t clim
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