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BIOC 212 Arnim Pause- Cell Cycle Notes.pdf

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Jason Young

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how two genetically identical eFigure 171 The cell cycleThe division of a hypothetical eucaryoticcell with two chromosomes is shown to illustratdaughter cells are produced in each cycle Each of the daughter cells will often divide again by going through additional cell cycleshere DNA is wA cell can pause into interphase Note t but once the point has been passed the ell division as seen under a microscopecan abrupt change in the biochemical state Figure 172 The events of eucaryoticThe easily visible processes of nuclear division mitosis and cell division cytokinesis collectively called M phase typically occupy only a small fraction of the cell cycle The other much longer part of the cycle is known as interphase The five stages of mitosis are shown of the cell occurs at the transition from metaphase to anaphasein metaphase before this transition poincell carries on to the end of mitosis and through cytokinesisthat DNA replication occurs in interphase The part of interphasereplicated is called S phase not shown Figure 173 The phases of the cell cycleThe cell grows continuously in interphase which consists of three phases DNA replication is confined to S phase G1 is the gap between M phase and S phase while G2 is the gap between S phase and M phase In M phase the nucleus and then the cytoplasm divide
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