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BIOC 212
Thomas Duchaine

Lecture 21  Glycolysis o Storage o Export o Conversion into other metabolites  Creatine  Phosphocreatine o An easy means of getting energy through ATP hydrolysis o Reaction is carried out by creatine kinases o When it nears equilibrium in the cell  Consumed rapidly when low in ATP & recharged at rest o Enough are stored for 2-10 seconds of effort (sprint) o Anaerobic reaction  …  Chloroplasts o Undergoes photosynthesis o Storage of starch polymers  Lipid droplet = very hydrophobic o 3 FA chains o 1 glycerol o Linkage = ester bond  Fat = good means of energy storage o Conversion of glucose into fat then this fat can be stored into droplets o When you don’t eat & system needs energy, you use these chains to access your energy reserve  LeFigure 2-78 Molecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008)  Energy storage o Glycogen (animals) & starch (plants)  Branched glucose polymers  For rapid access to glucose  Stocks are limited (1 day in human) o Fat (mainly triacylglycerols)  Visible as insoluble droplets in cells  Stored in specialized cells: adipocytes  Efficient storage of energy  Excellent stocks of it! (~ 1 month in human)  Slow a
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