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Lecture 6

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BIOC 311

Monday September 17 2012LECTURE 6 GLYCOGEN METABOLISMIntracellular glycogen is the true substrate for anaerobic glycolysis in muscle not blood glucoseoThat is breaking down glycogen into glucose is much faster than getting glucose from circulationGlycogen is an optimum storage form of carbohydrates in cells1Glycogen is a polymer therefore glycogen degradation releases several glucose units2Breakdown of glycogen in muscle provides glucose1phosphate faster than glucose can be taken up from the blood G1P converted to G6PWhy store glycogen1Need a carbohydrate store fatty acids cannot be converted to glucose2Muscle cannot mobilize and use fat as quickly as glycogen3Fat cannot be metabolized anaerobically Stores of glycogen in a 70 kg person30 kg of muscle14gKg420 g15 kg of liver54g kg 80 gGlycogen is accumulated under favorable conditions stored after meals and utilized at a later timeGlycogen Metabolism in Different TissuesMuscle glycogen Available for energy production for muscle contractionMuscle cannot release glucose to the blood no glucose6phosphate phosphataseLiver glycogen Used to maintain blood glucose levels between mealsGlucose6phosphate phosphatase is present in liverOther tissuesHave small glycogen stores for their own use energy during fasting or anaerobic glycolysis during brief periods of hypoxiaanoxiaGlycogen StructureGlucosyl residues linked C1C414 linkageOccasional C1C6 branch point creating an1 6 linkage alpha 16Branching provides a large number of ends to allow multiple sites for synthesisdegradationoOnly one reducing end per glycogen moleculeNon reducing ends lack a C1OH groupoSynthesis and breakdown of glycogen occurs at the non reducing end
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