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Grammar: Section 2 in writers handbook: • A sentence is an independent clause A sentence has a subject and a predicate • Ex: The in the classroom found grammar lessons extremely tedious Types of sentences: Declarative: makes a statement → tigers are dangerous Interrogative: asks a question → Are tigers really dangerous? Imperative: gives a command → Be careful when you tickle tigers! Exclamatory: expresses a strong feeling → I love tickling tigers! Basic Sentence Patterns: • Subject + Verb (Pg. 58) → cats jump • Subject + Verb + Object (P. 59) → the cat jumped on the table • Subject + Verb in the passive voice (P. 59) → the cat was scared by the table • Subject + Verb + Indirect Object+ Direct Object (p. 60) • Subject + Linking Verb+ Subject Complement (predicate adjective or noun) (p. 61) • Subject + Verb + D.O. + Objective Complement (adjective or noun) (p. 61-62) • There or It + Linking Verb (+complement) + object (p.62-63) Dependent Clauses • Also known as a subordinate clasues, these also contain a subject and a predicate but they can’t stand alone as a sentence/ They need to be joined to a main clause to make sense • The tiger resented being used in grammar examples because he thought grammar was awesome Functions of Subordinate Clauses • Clauses can be used as grammatical unites in a sentence: noun clauses, adjectival clauses/relative clauses, and adverbial clauses are common. • Eg: The tiger knows on which side his bread is buttered (Noun clause: serves the subject, object, or predicate of the sentence. Which is it here?) (see p. 65-66) Phrases! • A phrase is a group of words that doesn’t have a subject and or/predicate but works as a grammatical unit in a sentence. • Verb phrase: Most of the tigers will be arriving at the zoo. (Acts as verb) •
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