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Lecture 4

BUSA 250 Lecture 4: Winter 2015 Semester Notes 4

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BUSA 250
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6. The Knee-Jerk Nihilist • Believes that the world is too contradictory to understand • Overuses quotation marks around words or phrases Lecture 7 Peer Editing Criteria Content • Are the points ordered in a coherent, economical, and rhetorically effective fashion? Grammar • Is the grammar comprehensible and fluent? Style • Is the writing concise, and the tone persuasive and appropriate? Watch out for emotional language. Formatting • Do they follow the prescribed format correctly? Lecture 8 Speaker: Peg Brunelle & Danielle Dagenais Resumes and Cover Letters The Four Touch Points of Getting a Job Resume • Shows your ability to get results and where you have gotten them • Shows whether you pay attention to detail Cover Letter • Tells what skills you have acquired through your experiences and why they are relevant • All
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