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Lecture 2

BUSA 250 Lecture 2: Winter 2015 Semester Notes 2

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BUSA 250
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- e.g. “She treated her opponent condescendingly, like a child.” Absolutes: a noun, verb, or adjective cluster with its own subject - e.g. “Her task completed, she retired for the day.” Lecture 5 Writing Effective Active Sentences Active vs. Passive Voice • The active voice is more concise and transparent than the passive voice • The active voice makes the agent or the subject apparent • Avoid use of passive voice Active Voice and Modification • Try to build your sentences around active verbs. Don’t rely on to be Original: “It was a two-level house in the country. It was designed by a talented architect named Jane.” Revision: “A talented architect, Jane designed her family’s first home, a two-level house in the country.” Original: “Her first film was made on a shoestring budget. It was rich with symbolism and complex characterizations.” Revision: Made on a shoestring budget, her first film was rich with symbolism and complex characteristics.” Dangling Modifiers • Dangling modifiers create logical blunders in your sentences Original: “Although not one of my favorite dishes, the bistro had some good food.” Revision: “Although the goulash was not one of my favorite dishes, the bistro had some good
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