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Lecture 7

BUSA 250 Lecture 7: Winter 2015 Semester Notes 7

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BUSA 250
Marc Ducusin

Lecture 11 Class discussion Lecture 12 Class discussion Lecture 13 Class discussion Lecture 14 Oral Presentation Group 1: Batshaw Youth and Family Centres Present to: SNC-Lavalin (Montréal) Lecture 15 Public Speaking Workshop – The Paradox of Prepared Authenticity Intentionality • Proceed from 4 fundamental aims 1. Be open 2. Connect 3. Be passionate 4. Listen Story as Motivation • Think of your identity and the story that you are trying to tell • To be persuasive, “resists the urge to persuade”; trust your story • Find the balance between saying what you believe in and believing in what you are saying • Find ways to frame your story in terms of what your listener can gain from it Voice • Be conscious of habitual inflections Body Language • Be aware of posture and the space you occupy Gestures • Think of gestures like breaths; make them where they feel like a natural extension of the story you are telling • Be aware of changes in direction or motivation throughout your story (e.g.
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