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Lecture 1

BUSA 250 Lecture 1: Winter 2015 Semester Notes 1

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BUSA 250
Marc Ducusin

BUSA 250 – Notes Lecture 1 Syllabus review Lecture 2 Descriptions Avoid excessive use of nouns (all sharing same suffix and are monotonous) - e.g. “Skills in organization, negotiation, and punctuation.” Avoid broad or vague phrases - e.g. “Promotes communication among team members.” Begin phrases with specific verbs - e.g. “Facilitates and engages in team discussions.” Noun Clusters Avoid excessive use of noun clusters - e.g. Full-service solutions provider, decision-making process Exceptions are phrases that are humourous, metaphorical, abstract, etc. - e.g. Language dilution, earthworm enhancement business Avoid all noun clusters in introductory paragraph; be concise and literal Use exceptions in conclusion paragraph Lecture 3 Subject/Verb Agreement Match singular subjects with singular verbs - e.g. “The dog barks.” Match plural subjects with plural verbs - e.g. “Many attorneys charge astronomical fees.” Lecture 4 Narrative and Sentence Structures Single: one independent clause - e.g. “The new marketing campaign prompted a sharp incre
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