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BUSA 364
Keith Laidley

- Teach Inc sold a computer consulting business to Blackbeard Corp. Blackbeard was persuaded to enter into that sale contract by documents that Teach had produced that suggested that Blackbeard would enjoy a profit of $1 000 000. In fact, as Teach knew, the business was really worth far less. As a result of purchasing the business, Blackbeard has actually suffered a total loss of $400 000. Blackbeard has successfully sued Teach in both tort and contract. Though it may also be entitled to other relief, Blackbeard is entitled to damages of o $400 000 in tort - Bentham Inc sued Locke Ltd in tort. The judge denied liability on the grounds of remoteness. That means that o the tort that Locke committed was not an intentional tort - Paine Enterprises sued Montesquieu Corp in tort. The court held that there had been a failure to mitigate damages. That means that o Paine may still be entitled to damages for losses that could not have been mitigated - Rawls Inc sued Nozick Ltd in tort. The court awarded nominal damages. That means that o Rawls did not prove that it suffered a loss as a result of Nozick's tort - Jojo suffered a catastrophic injury while she was at work. Although she strongly suspects that the accident that injured her was caused by the carelessness of one of her co-workers, she cannot prove that fact. She therefore hopes to receive compensation for her loss from a workers' compensation scheme. Which of the following statements is TRUE o If Jojo receives workers' compensation, she will likely be entitled to receive less than she would have been entitled to received if she had been able to prove that her injury was caused by a tort - Francisco parked his car on a street and went shopping. While he was away, Joyce damaged Francisco's car by scratching it with a set of keys. Before she did so, the car was worth $5000. Afterwards, it was worth $4000. Which of the following statements is TRUE o none of the above - Maureen alleges that Joe committed an intentional tort against her. To succeed in that claim, Maureen must satisfy the court that o Joe intended to act in a certain way, even if he did not know that that action was wrongful - Marco was secretly in love with Kylie, who is his roommate. Each night as she slept, he gently kissed her once on her lips. Kylie became very upset when she learned about Marco's behaviour. She had always regarded him as a good friend, but nothing more. Which of the following statements is TRUE
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