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BUSA 364
Keith Laidley

- The front window of Polly’s Flower Shop was recently broken when someone threw a rock through it. Which of the following statements is TRUE o none of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE o Trade unions sometimes can sue or be sued even though they are unincorporated associations  A law suit may be brought against human beings, corporations, and unincorporated associations - Geetha has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Based on her physician’s diagnosis, she believes that her condition was caused by SofSkin, a lotion that she used for many years. She wants to sue the manufacturer of SofSkin, but she realizes that a law suit would require a great deal of complicated evidence, and therefore would likely be long and expensive. Which of the following statements regarding class actions is TRUE in this situation o Even if a court allowed a class action to proceed, it would be possible for other people in the same situation as Geetha to sue by themselves - Class actions have become more common in Canada in recent years. That increase in popularity can be explained, at least in part, by the fact that o they save society money by eliminating the need for similar actions to be brought to court separately - The requirements for certification in a class action include o a clearly defined class and issues that are common to every claimant - A company that manufactures cigarettes has been named as the defendant in a class action. Which of the following statements is TRUE o none of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to representation in legal disputes o A lawyer who acts against a client’s interests may be investigated by a law society - Herbert & Hart Inc, an accounting firm, was legally represented in a recent dispute by Alan Munt, who is a lawyer. Herbert & Hart have now learned that Munt misbehaved by passing confidential information to the other side in the dispute. Herbert & Hart consequently lost approximately $12 000 000. Which of the following statements is TRUE o all of the above - Kirndeep recently received a Ba
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