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BUSA 433
Hodjat Khadjavi

BUSA 433 - January 23 rd Lecture 5 – Mutual Gain BATNA – best alternative to a negotiated agreement CATCH UP ON READINGS, don’t be late the prof knows ma name, oh shit FOCUS ON INTERESTS Realize that each side has multiple interests -Tenants interests - A favorable rental agreement - Reach the agreement asap with little effort - Maintain a good working relationship with landlord - Common Error - Assuming everyone on the other side has the same interests - To understand a negotiation’s interests, you need to understand all the differing interests that they need to take into account. - Talking about interests (past grievances vs Future concerns) - How can you discuss w/o getting locked into positions - In order to make the other side address your interests, explain to them what those interests are - Make your interests come alive - Be specific - Convince them that they might feel the same way, if they put themselves in tour shoes. - When do you disclose your BATNA - If weak BATNA, don’t disclose as they might presume it to be higher Acknowledge their interests as part of the problem - Each side tends to focus on their own interests and pay little attention to the other sides interests - People listen better if they feel you understand them - If you want the other side to appreciate snfjsdngkndgx,n Put the problem before your answer - Shoot the problem to the other side vs telling them what you want (a position) - Tell the problem and the other side can understand where you’re coming from Be concrete but flexible - Be flexible with the options but concrete on the main issue - Create a basket of options with criteria Be Hands on on the problem, soft on the people - Separate the problem from the people, focus on interests rather than positions - Interest include human concerns, not only money - Wise solution o Max gain for you and min cost to the other side (can be achieved when focusing on interest) o Create options that achieve this before going to the negotiating table (the issue of creativity, by locking yourself into a position you kill the creativity and don’t come up with new options) Invent options for Mutual Gain Common problem:
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