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BUSA 433 – Lecture 6 Jan 25th, 2012 READ THE BOOOOOK and that fact pattern thing Review: Principle negotiation (separate people from problem) 1. Focus on interests not positions 2. Invent options 3. Insist on objective criteria - Use when you have conflict of interest - Ex: 3 party expert opinion, fair market value, legal procedures/presidents, trade usages, neighborhood presidents, standards, by-laws, cars (black book, red book [depreciated value book]), legal procedure (similar cases in court) Video 1 (Fact pattern case)  Positional approach = Bad  “It’s your problem” – Against which part of principle negotiation? Perception: put yourself in their shoes. – You can identify/understand their situation and come up with options that provide mutual gain.  The “back and forth” 50-50,40-80, etc -> Discovering each other’s Bottom line  Guy bringing up the past conversations, against the principle of looking forward  Problems of positional approach o Risk of not getting the result you want o Principle negotiation -> more chance of reaching agreement, but never guaranteed Ch 6 – BATNA  BATNA – Best alternative to a negotiated agreement  What we talked about, interests, options, stds  What would you do if the other side is more powerful o Stronger bargaining position o Better connected o Larger staff o More monet o MNC  No matter which form of negotioation method you use, you concern will be. Ie. Purpose of BATNA o 1. Protect yourself against making an agreement you should regect o 2. To satisfy your interest as much as poss  iss your flights you catch the next flight  don’t hurry to reah an agreement that you may regret  BATNA decided before negotiating or else it’s like going in with your eyes closed BUSA 433 – Lecture 6 Jan 25th, 2012  BATNA vs Bottom line o Bottom line is establishing in advance the worst acceptable outcome o Disadvantage – Locks you into a position, prevents you from
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