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BUSA 690
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- Which of the following refers to a TRUE exception, rather than an apparent exception, to the privity doctrine, in the sense that a person is entitled to sue on a contract despite the fact that he or she is not a party to that contract?  legal assignment - The word "estop" means  "to prevent." - The traditional doctrine of estoppel, rather than promissory estoppel, requires proof  of a representation regarding a past or present fact - The contractual rule that requires an exchange of value  generally requires proof that each party provided sufficient consideration, but it does not also require proof that each party provided adequate consideration - Lewis is a wealthy entertainer. While watching a telethon that was aimed at raising money for medical research, he was overwhelmed by a sense of grief and sorrow. He consequently picked up the telephone, dialed the number on the screen, and promised to donate $5 000 000 within one month. The volunteer on the other end of the line thanked Lewis and assured him that “the money will be put to good use.” Two days later, before Lewis had sent in a cheque, the telethon organizers announced that, because of the public’s overwhelmingly positive response, and in particular because of Lewis’s generous promise, their organization would be able to build a research facility that they previously believed was beyond their budget. They also announced that they would name the facility the Jerry Medical Research Park, after Thomas Jerry, a local surgeon who recently had died. Lewis became very angry. He had long hated Jerry and he was horrified at the thought of paying for a building named in his enemy’s honour. He therefore informed the telethon organizers that he had changed his mind and that he would not be sending any money. The telethon organizers have now sued for breach of contract. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  none of the above - As a result of her participation in a telemarketing scheme, Susan was charged with several counts of fraud. Because she knew that the courts had recently started to take a much harsher approach to such crimes, and because she already had been convicted for similar offences in the past, she was anxious to "beat the rap." She therefore called Anqwaan, her brother-in-law, who was also a lawyer, and begged for his help. Anqwaan initially hesitated. Anqwaan already was very busy with his practice. Furthermore, although they were related, Anqwaan had met Susan only a few times and he did not know her much at all. He did, nevertheless, eventually agree to take on the case
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