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BUSA 690
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- Because the sale of goods is subject to a codified statute  many business transactions can be more easily created - Which of the following can be the subject of a "sale of goods"?  a cow - Aidan gave a $100 watch to Marian as a birthday present. The watch was made of cheap metal that gave Marian a rash. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  The Sale of Goods Act does not apply because Marian did not pay a price - The Sale of Goods Act may apply if you agree to purchase  all of the above - Sigmund ordered and ate a meal at the Big Banana restaurant. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  A judge might want the Sale of Goods Act to apply in order to create a form of consumer protection - In March, Nena entered into several transactions with Hakeem. She borrowed a boat from him and promised that she would fix its engine before she gave it back. She purchased a piece of land from him for $100 000, even though it was really only worth $75 000. She received two bicycles from him as gifts and secretly intended to give him $500 on his next birthday. She paid $250 for his advice regarding her investments. She promised to pay $1000 in June and he promised to deliver a widget to her in July. It is  none of the above - Which of the following transactions would be decided under the Sale of Goods Act  all of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE as a general rule  none of the above o Property passes under a contract "on sale or return" only if the buyer pays the price o Property passes under a contract that requires the seller to modify the goods in order to put them into a deliverable state only when the goods are delivered to the buyer - Which of the following statements is TRUE  The passing of property is important for the purposes of insurance because risk usually passes with property - Juan bought a lawn mower at Raija's garage sale. He gave her a cheque for $100 and explained that he would collect the lawn mower later the same afternoon when he had use of his friend's pickup truck. Juan then asked Raija to leave the lawn mower near her garage. When Juan came to collect the lawn mower two hours later, he discovered that it had been stolen from the place where he had told Raija to leave it. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  Even if the transaction occurred in a jur
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