Canadian Poetry

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Canadian Studies Nov 21
Modernist Poets
Concludes that sense of crisis has to change the foundations of art art
cannot simply be a kind of retreat from crisis
Deliberately give us poems that are hard to read not to waiver from the
Trying to embody crisis in their art that they’re perceiving in the world
around them.
Poem: economic problems, cultures of death,
Language is one of the victims worried about what art might be after the
Culture of death: every society has a one to cope with death.
Poets deeply concerned with how historical crisis has an impact on language,
art, culture, ld music, poetry, culture of death gone.
New experiences create new words.
Ernie Buscht(?) look at it of what Canada can do to you, if you try to
isolate yourself/cut yourself off/live in the wilderness in the wrong way