Immigration and Ethnicity

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Canadian Studies Oct 24th
Immigration and Ethnicity
To be ethnic: can be problematic who is considered an “ethnic”?
Two broad ideas
Cultural baggage
Process ethnic boundaries, different cultural identity, ethnic groups
o It is about encounter
Immigration played an extremely important role in society before ww1
Hong Kong boat came to Canada under a single journey Sikhs
Baltej Singh Dhillon wanted to wear his turban in his position in the RCMP
with his uniform
Canadians became more open to the presence of immigrants eased by
children and grand children among them.
Immigration policy as population policy
o Restrictive, aimed at Canadian West and agricultural sector to get
farmers out into this territory Interwar/Postwar Canada ends up
abandoning it.
The policy was largely unsuccessful until the 1890s
o Interior was not well organized
There were some signs of success
o 5000 Mennonites in Manitoba, ½ mil acres of land, created villages,
success story glorified municipal government quasi autonomy
Immigration as an international phenomenon and not only as part of the sub-
history of a country
o As a continuum with migrant at the centre
Canada one player on the international scene
o 1815-1930: migration from Europe = 60M
US 33, Argentina 6, Canada 5, Brazil 4, Australia 3.5
o Wanted to figure out how to attract people to the land in
Canada/especially the West
Government Policy
Didn’t create immigration, but could attempt to steer it towards Canada
National Policy
o Tariff
o Railroads
o Immigration
o What is the immigration going to serve?
Would immigration support farming or railroad/industrial
Intimacy between Canadian capitalists and the government
CPR huge corporation with coal mines, significant say
in agricultural sector
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