Contact of Cultures

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Canadian Studies Sept 14th
Contact of Cultures
European technology and diplomacy largely fail before 1600
o At the time of contact, European monarchs aren’t all that powerful.
Their sense of what knowledge is, isn’t that far apart.
Civilizations fairly evenly matched at time of contact (most valued truths are
religious; witches and monsters threaten…)
Europeans succeed when they adapt to indigenous culture and diplomacy
European arrivals Norse arrival at L’Anse aux Meadows in 990s (newfoundland)
Failure of technology and diplomacy
Weren’t able to adapt because they were unsure of how to deal/interact with
other peoples of the land
Cabot, 1497, and the discover of the Grand Banks fisheries. Beneficial to wine
merchants. Becomes Merchant navy, important place to train sailors.
Basque, Portuguese fishing before mid 16th century and French and English
largely afterwards. English and French were able to get here first. Everyone’s
trying to keep secrets from rivals, don’t want kings and queens to have
knowledge of where they’re travelling, falsify maps. English imperial claims
happening here.
Verrazano on Acadia, 1524
Lush, like Arcadia. As he goes more north, this conception fades.
La Nouvelle France & Acadia French colonies which were lost to the British.
Jacques Cartier sails to and then up the St. Lawrence 1534, 1535, 1541
Failure of technology and diplomacy
Originally didn’t know it was a river
Was stuck in the river over winter, no conception that it could be so cold.
Brings hostages back to France to persuade the King that there was riches is
Doesn’t get along with locals, the French sail back.
Convicts brought over to create settlements
Martin Frobisher explores Frobisher Bay/Iqaluit in 1576, 1577, 1578
Failure of technology and diplomacy
Have the claim to Newfoundland
Goal to find the Northwest Passage *common goal for Verrazano&Cartier.
Medieval T-Map: scholarly map in the middle ages. Tells you the relationship
between the seas and the land.
Ptolemaic map: ancient maps by Ptolemy changed everyone’s sense of what the
world looks like. Columbus: “if the world was just a little smaller..”
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