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Lecture 12

CANS 406 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: The RenegadoPremium

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Canadian Studies
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CANS 406
Desmond Morton

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The Renegado
-Beautiful Paulina was kidnapped by Grimaldi both are Venetian who had turned Turk and
was working for Asambeg, the Viceroy of Tunis
-Commerce runs from Istanbul to Tunis
-Grimaldi brings Paulina to Asambeg’s harem, but Asambeg cannot have his way with Paulina
because she is so religious and is protected by a talisman
-Vitelli, her brother, comes in disguise to Tunis and sets up shop in the market accompanied by
-Donusa lives in Tunis as well, and is sought after she is the niece of the Sultan of the Ottoman
-She is restless, goes to the city in disguise and wanders into Vitelli’s shop with
Mustapha (who seeks her hand in marriage, he is the Basha of Aleppo)
-Donusa falls in love with Vitelli just as Asambeg has fallen in love with Paulina
-Something about them being white Christian Italians that attracts high ranking Ottomans
to them
-Grimaldi is thrown out of court and falls into deep despair, wanting to kill himself he is
stopped and eventually saved
-Think of Spira: despair as a step to salvation
-Grimaldi undergoes conversion under the guidance of Francisco, a Jesuit (who are often
hated by Christians, but here he is seen as a true man of God)
-Donusa intentionally breaks something in Vitelli’s shop to get him to come to her palace to be
repaid and subsequently seducing him
-Donusa’s woman in waiting reveals her transgression to Mustapha, and Donusa is put on
trial and sentenced to death
-Donusa knows the law she knows if she can convert Vitelli to Islam and marry him,
they will be allowed to live
-She can’t convert Vitelli to Islam, but Vitelli converts her to Christianity – this finishes her and
she is sentenced to death
-Vitelli asks Francisco to baptize Donusa and save her soul
-When they are going to be executed, Vitelli asks for water, pretending that his culture requires
drinking water before death they use this to baptize Donusa
-Paulina speaks up and says she wants to become Muslim and be with Asambeg her only
request is to spend the night with Donusa to mock her for her conversion to Christianity
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