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Lecture 20

CANS 406 Lecture 20: 20 - March 27Premium

1 pages104 viewsWinter 2018

Canadian Studies
Course Code
CANS 406
Desmond Morton

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March 27, 2018
Fill out course evaluations
Group project presentations: 15mn of presentation and 10mn of q&a
Guest lecturer couldn't make it
Final: 3h, 60 MCQ, 15-20 short-answers, fill-in the blanks
Total points: 180
o MCQ: 2 pts per question: 120pts
o Short answers and fill in the blanks: 60pts
Will give more details about exams on April 12th
Cumulative but focused on after midterm things
Cases are a part of final, need to know the core strategies implementing and concepts they're
Rest of the classes will be group presentations, until April 12th (review for final exam).
Room 461 to view midterms
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