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Canada in the Age of Revolution

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Canadian Studies
CANS 200
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

Canada in the Age of the Revolution21092011 63200 AM 1 possible of enlightened British rule through mechanisms of consent and trade 1750s 1760s 1770s 2 Crash boom bang 1170s1790s American Revolution French Revolutioncollapse of the dream and the violent shocks that happensbrits thought americans were part of their peoples but different issues and agendasfrenchput them on wartime footing middle of war is not good time to be enlightened 3 Colonial policyhermeneutics of suspicion consensual forms but authoritarian rule 1790s to 1840sQuebec is a ruin destroyedEvery once in a while Canada becomes very important to England Impact of Conquest 1760 and Treaty of Paris 1763Sets off chain of events leadin to Atlantic Revolutions by annoying the Americans and bankrupting the French Britain is seen to win because it has a prosperous commercial society that is responsive to public opinion in contrast to French despotic monarchyEngland has a higher standard of livingleading the way in buying new stuff coffee tea sugar etc Long before industrial revolution The more the poor people buy the harderlonger they work more money for british government to tax more productivity for more demand of these products But not clear how to govern British subjects in north America according to those principles Britishness will take a beating and British rights will be watered down in North America 3 different peoples 3 different problems1 Indigenous peoples around the Great Lakes are immediately disenchanted by British rule Pontiacs uprising in 1763 o Resolved with Royal Proclamation of 1763 and separate peace treaty 1764One of the most important documents in imperial Canaian history
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