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Women in Canadian Politics

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McGill University
Canadian Studies
CANS 200
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

thCanadian StudiesNovember 7 Women in Canadian Politics Women now make up 25 of ParliamentCanada ranks 38 in the world for Women within the government Growth of women in political positions inches upwards starting in 1984 slow in 19972006 and began again to increase o Voter bias Canadian voters discriminateno evidence to support this notiono Sacrificial Lamb nominated to run in a constituency with no hope of winningIn 2000 women were just as likely to be elected as men weresuggests that women were no longer willing to be sacrificial lambsThings changed in 1980Volatility difficult to predict which ridings were hopeless or not women werent willing to be lamb o The Nomination Process still somewhat of a barriernot the barrier it once was however in 2004 Canadas election law changed Limits were introduced on how much an individual could contribute to an election campaign Also the amount a candidate could spend to get elected was also li
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