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Contact of Cultures

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Canadian Studies
CANS 200
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

thCanadian StudiesSept 14 Contact of CulturesEuropean technology and diplomacy largely fail before 1600 o At the time of contact European monarchs arent all that powerful Their sense of what knowledge is isnt that far apart Civilizations fairly evenly matched at time of contact most valued truths are religious witches and monsters threaten Europeans succeed when they adapt to indigenous culture and diplomacyEuropean arrivalsNorse arrival at LAnse aux Meadows in 990s newfoundlandFailure of technology and diplomacyWerent able to adapt because they were unsure of how to dealinteract with other peoples of the landCabot 1497 and the discover of the Grand Banks fisheries Beneficial to wine merchants Becomes Merchant navy important place to train sailorsth Basque Portuguese fishing before mid 16 century and French and English largely afterwards English and French were able to get here first Everyones trying to keep secrets from rivals dont want kings and queens to have knowledge of where theyre travelling falsify maps English imp
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