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Ancient History [Guest Lecture]

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Canadian Studies
CANS 200
Elsbeth Anne Heaman

thCanadian StudiesSept 121300015000 years humans have been hereBarren Straitthe land bridge which existed roughly 15000 years agoAlaska and Siberia 18000 years ago Global sea levels were at a 125 metre differenceFrom this time a lot of change in the costal environments has emergedColdest temperatures climate that the earth has seen in a very long timeTells us the context in which early occupants of America arrivedThere is very early evidence human remains and extinct species stonesarrow heads embedded with animalsHow did they live Huntergatherer Some more mobile than others Important part of their adaptation has to do with large social herbivores have to gather intellect about animals their habits in order to learn how to control them as a resourceMain technological material is stone 2 main problems materialright access to the right materials at the right time Environment changing very fast because of deglaciation risingStability is gone environments are diversifying What they had been doing doesnt work anymore have to start living on something else putting significant restraints on what
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