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Ariel Fenster

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Chapter 21 – Main Group Elements Group 1: The Alkali Metals  Very reactive metals that do not occur freely in nature  Sorter than most metals (become softer as we go down the group) o Example: Lithium can be cut with a knife wile Potassium can be squashed like soft butter  Have very low densities o Ideal for making Ships  unsinkable ships  Readily loose an electron Example: Spodumene  Important source of lithium for use in industrial ceramics, mobile phone and automotive batteries and medicine 1. Soft Highly Reactive Metals 2. Exist in stable form as M+ salts Reactions are very violent  K in water 3. Readily react with O2 or H2O  Explosions usually occur 4. Play a very significant role in our with Rb and Cs everyday life Group 2: The Alkali Earth Metals  Found as cations in minerals  Example: Staliactites o Conical or cylindrical formation of Calcium carbonate that hangs like an icicle from the roof of a cave  Less chemically reactive than Alkali Metals o Mg and Li show similar behavior because th
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