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McGill University
CHEM 120
Ariel Fenster

Chemistry Lab 1 Procedure Prepare Apparatus 1. Click on Exp1 on desktop, instrument is used I monitor mode 2. Verify that the Pressure sensor is connected to Channel 1 and the Temperature to Channel 2 3. Label 125mL Erlenmeyer flasks Running experiment with CaCO 3 1. Place flask on analytical balance and press O/T, if flask is wet rinse with ethanol 2. Erlenmeyer flask must be clean and dry, vial must be dry on outside 3. Use a DRY spatula to transfer 0.4g of CaCO int3 the flask 4. Record weight in Table 1 5. Tap flask gently to move sample to side of flask 6. Fill clean vial ¾ (6mL) with 4.5 M HCl 7. Hold tweezers at the top and grip the vial of acid at one edge 8. Carefully lower vial setting it upright in bottom of the flask (do not touch sample) 9. Clamp flask at neck to bench stand 10. Open 2-way valve and put rubber stopper into flask 11. Connect the vacuum tubing to 2-way valve 12. Close 2-way valve, open the tap, then open 2-way valve 13. When pressure is between 5 – 10 kPa, close
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