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Adverse Food Reactions

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CHEM 181
David Harpp

Adverse Food Reactions Some adverse reactions can kill youReal Risk or Perceived Risk Ex Salem New JerseyRobert Gibbon Johnson showed North America that tomatoes do not kill1850 English Physician Arthur Hasall saw that a steel fork became coated with copper when he mashed gooseberries1900s chalk was added to watered down milk arsenic added to meat to prevent oxidization Indigo added to tea for colourUnintentional ToxinsNaturally Occurring ToxinsProblems with Body ChemistryIdiosyncratic ReactionsContamination with MicrobesUnintentional Toxins pesticide contaminants amount allowed very carefully regulated Aldicarb used to treat cucumberssold in concentrated solution to be diluted by farmer if mistake is made can be catastrophicMercury in fishNaturally Occurring Toxins Natural safe Synthetic dangerous FALSEthere are many dangerous toxins in natureMoldmycotoxinstoxic chemicals produced by mold found in canadian cereals Aflatoxinsmost potent class of carcinogens to be tested natural moldTyramine chemical found in aged fermented foods cheeseswine can increase blood pressure people on certain antidepressants if they consume they will have higher tyramine level in blood stream can triggerhypertension or strokeFish harbour variety of bacteria that break down components of fish very quicklyScromboid Poisoning occurs after eating fish that contain high levels of histamine Happens with fish with high amountsof histidineallergy symptoms tinglingburning in mouth rash headache hives itching nausea
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