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Lecture 6

WOC lecture 6 for merge

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CHEM 182
Joe Schwarcz

WOC Lecture 6: STOMACH CHEMISTRY ANTIBIOTICS Man on alka-seltzer ad=Sammy Davis Jr. was jewish, black and blind in one eye Gastrointestinal tract- role to digest food What is the chemical responsible for the breakdown of food in the stomach- hydrochloric acid- it equivalent to pH of undiluted lemon juice; the role of the acid in our stomach is to break down protein Stomach: breaks down large molecules (carbs, protein- done by acid); situated under the heart (many who are having a heart attack think they have a stomach problem) Small intestine, unlike stomach, works in an alkaline enviro (small in sense of diameter- 7-10 meter long vs 1ish meter of colon); metabolism of fats- presents a problem- food in stomach is highly acidic then in si need to neutral
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