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chem 183 drug history

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McGill University
CHEM 183
Joe Schwarcz

Lecture 1September1012914 PMDRUG HISTORYSome people believe health problems are only things of recent historyobviously fakeMedia gives misconceptions about the Good Old Days when health supposedly was better overall for the populationGoing back 200300 years life was brutal and shortMedication not readily available nor effective until 1940s when antibiotics became more prevalentDoctor would not need credentials aside from reputationGerms and disease not apparent until approx 100 years agoKing Charles II treated by doctor Sir Charles Scarburgh head was shaved and mustard plasters were applied with irritants containing Spanish FlyHe was given a substance from the crushed skull of an innocent man to cure hisconvulsionsHe was bled again was popular to do and given extracts of all the herbs and animals of the kingdomThen he was given a stone from the stomach of a goatDIED in comaUroscopy flask doctor symbol examined urine in these flasksDiagnosis by urine colour was a major method of disease detectionGas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry GCMSused today to analyze urine147chemicals in urineAt the end of the last century life expectancy for a man NA was about 47 years for menNow overall over80 for men and womenwith an edge to women NAWhy people live longer In 1940 mortality rate decreased because of discovery of antibioticsPenicillin WW2 Chemistry 183 Page 1
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