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CHEM 183
Joe Schwarcz

December1512901 PMBRAIN CHEMISTRYHuman brain is the most sophisticated on the earthAncient times people believed that if you were mentally ill you were possessed by spiritsSo they drilled holes in the head to relieve spirits called trepanation Peter Halvorson head of Hole in the Head advocateBelieve that if you drill a hole you will equalize the pressure from inside against outside and allow the brain to breath more effectivelyAncient Egyptians thought intellect was in the heartMummies dont have brainsYoga fliers believe that if you connect with nature you can flyCertain areas in the brain associated with different thingsFranzJoseph Gallthought that by rubbing hands on skull he could determine how smart someone was by the abnormalities on the skullShape of skull nothing to do with the brainJohann Spurzheim invented phrenologyPhrenology based on physically measuring the skull and looking at the bumps on the headThomas Edison believed in thisSir Conan Dole believed thisAlso believed in fairiesPsycographmeasured bumps on the brainGive you a reading of the bumps and tell you intellectual abilitiesSeptember 1848 Phineas Gage accidentA spear went through his headDestroyed one eye and part of brainPersonality changed dramaticallyWas nice then vulgarDr Walter Freemanbased many operations on mentally ill people on Phineas Gage episodeThought that destroying certain parts of brain would cure themTapped a spike up their nose and destroyed certain parts of the brainRosemary Kennedy went through this operationEnded up in a mental institute for the rest of her lifeWhat makes Einsteins brain differentDr Thomas Harveydid Einsteins autopsy and studied his brainJust took Einsteins brainGiven to Dr Sandra Witelsonat McMasters UniversityBrain functions based upon nerve cellsSynapse neurotransmittersChemistry of nerve cell and neurotransmitter determines how brain functionsAlzheimers DiseaseDisease of the brainLoss of memory eventually loss of identity A brain disorder which gradually destroys the ability to reason remember imagine and learnMarked by abnormal clumps plaques and irregular knots of brain cellsOften accompanied by anxiety depression and paranoia if the patient knows they have AlzheimersAnd age relating diseaseAffects 1 in 10 over 65 1 in 2 over 85Close to 5 million in North America with AlzheimersLifetime cost per patient is over 200000Number of people suffering will double by 2025Potential causes of dementiaVitamin B12 deficiency easily diagnosed and correctedImpaired circulationHypothyroidismtumours Chemistry 183 Page 1
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