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CHEM 183
Joe Schwarcz

HomeopathyNovember2712644 PMHomeopathy vs NaturopathyHomeopathy is its own system of medicineNaturopathy practiced by natural doctorsHomeopaths trained in homeopathySamuel Hahnemann founder of homeopathyAdolph Lippehis studentOver 200 years debate whether homeopathy is placebo or great medicineOne side skeptics argue homeopathy is implausible therefore it cant workTherefore any evidence of homeopathy is flawedHomeopathy is a pernicious quackerytenets of homeopathy are marinated in pseudoscienceHomeopathy is ethnically unacceptable and ought to be actively rejectedOther side homepaths claim it worksSkeptics havent studied homeopathy enough to criticize it fairly8 trials of Homeopathy in Shang analysisMajor flaws 6 of 8 trials was not testing homeopathyFundamental to practice of genuine homeopathyIndividualized single remedyTotality of symptoms of the patientIndividualized dosageOf the 8 trials of Shang trials there was only 2 trials that individualized treatmentSamuel Hahnemann tried to bring rationality into medicineThe Orgonon of the Rational Art of Healing In 1819 by HahnemannSkeptics believe people are being fooled and wasting money on treatmentHomeopaths are experience in the health benefit brought by homeopathy every single person has the most fundamental right to have full access to this uniquely gentle safe effective and curative system of medicineBizarre and unique deadlockNecessary balance for scientific inquirycritical thinking and openness of mindArgument of implausibilityFocuses on the fact that homeopaths used UMPsUltra molecular preparations UMPs used by homeopaths are prepared from solutions that went through a process of serial succession and dilution exceeding Avogadros limitthere is not a single molecule of the original substance in the final homeopathic product What skeptics believeMaybe skeptics right about UMPs no original substanceOther researchers finding the same thing that the nature of the phenomenon is unexplainedSkeptics believe that the change only lasts nanosecondsResearchers find that the change multiples with timeThe pattern doesnt depend on degree of dilution of substanceIn some cases can reach a maximum of 500 daysBy transmission electron microscopy the presence of dilutions have been foundConfir
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