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CHEM 212
Mike Daoust

Summary of CHEM 212 Labs a 10 minute review Experiment 1 Recrystallization We separate solids by their differences in solubility In this lab we want to extract phthalic acid from its mixture with charcoal which was used to decolorize the aqueous solution after phthalic acid was added to it So we heat up the solution thereby dissolve the solid then we can filter out the charcoal and insoluble solid impurities using hot gravity filtrationWe can then recrystallize the solid from its dissolved state by lowering the temperature of the water ice bath it after it cools room temperature And then do the suction vacuum filtration and measure the melting temp range of the yield to determine the purity of the collected solid Notes any impurity lowers the melting pointwhy No chemical reaction was involved only filtering purifying the compound if no crystallization occurs initially a scratch surface of flask b add some of the original impure material Experiment 2 DistillationObjectives Understand that distillation is a technique of separating different liquid comp
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