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CHEM 212
Mike Daoust

LECTURE 1 0502CHEM 212SUMMER 2011IntroductionProfessor Ariel FenterEmail arielfenstermcgillcaOffice Otto Maas 110SyllabusIntroductionReviewNomenclatureAlkanesStereochemistryAlkyl HalidesAlkenesAlkynesAromatic ChemistryNoteClasses will be much faster than General Chemistry meeting 4 times a weekWill be much more indepth than the General Chemistry treatment of organic chemistryAll lectures will be recorded on both LRS and COOLThings you needTextbookoRecommendedOrganic ChemistryTenth Edition Ninth Edition is fineSolomons and FryhleoAny textbook works honestlyMolecular modeling setClickersoOptional but recommendedTutorialsDate to be decidedProblem setsFound online at WebCTEvaluationEvaluationDateMark PercentageLaboratoryEvery Tuesday and Thursday20Quiz IMonday May 95MidtermMonday May 1630Quiz IITuesday May 245Final ExamWednesday June 140IntroductionWe know approximately 50 million compoundso95 of these are organic compoundsUsed in a large number of consumer productsAlso used in forensic scienceoGas chromatographySeparation techniqueOn a mass spectroscopy you will have certain peaks which represent the presence of individual compounds in a mixture of compoundsStallings AffairoMother accused of having poisoned her child with ethylene glycol liquid antifreezeoAfter being accused mother was still allowed to feed the child but the child died and traces of ethylene glycol ended up being in found in his bodyoMother has a second child who showed the same symptoms and was diagnosed with MMAoHowever mother still sentenced to life in jail because ethylene glycol was found in the body and bottleoResearchers at Yale realized the original tests were incorrect because they only used gas chromatography and the spike for ethylene glycol was similar to the product produced by MMAoFurther testing using both mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography proved the mothers innocenceWhat is the best method to remove skunk smell from a pet1Wash with vinegar2Wash with tomato juice3Wash with HO224Wash with HSO24
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