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McGill University
CHEM 212
Ariel Fenster

Solvent Extraction II Solvent extraction is a method to separate mixtures of organic acids, bases, and neutral compounds by use of an organic solvent. It is used to treat soils with organic contaminants such as halogenated solvents and petroleum wastes and is generally used with other technologies such as solidification/stabilization, incineration, or soil washing. Mechanisms +NaOH +HCl +HCl +NaOH Data Table 1: Quantities Name Formula Molecular Amount (g) Amount (mL) # of moles Weight Benzoic Acid C 8 6 4 122.10 g/mol 0.139g n/a 0.82mmol Ethyl 4- C 9 11 2 165.19 g/mol 0.126g n/a 0.62mmol aminobenzoate 9-Fluorenone C 12O8 180.22 g/mol 0.117g n/a 0.54mmol Diethyl-ether C 41 0 74.12 g/mol n/a 8mL n/a 3M HCl HCl (aq) n/a n/a 8mL 0.024mmol 3M NaOH NaOH n/a n/a 8mL 0.024mmol (aq) 6M HCl HCl (aq) n/a n/a n/a n/a 6M NaOH NaOH (aq) n/a n/a n/a n/a Table 2: Physical and Chemical Properties Name Formula M.P. B.P. Density Solubility Safety (°C) (°C) Benzoic Acid C 8 6 4 122 249 1.3 g/cm 3 0.29g/100mL -weak irritant Ethyl 4- C 9 11 2 89 172 1.17 Sparingly -irritant/allergies 3 aminobenzoate g/cm 9-Fluorenone C 12O8 84 341 1.13 Insoluble -irritant g/cm 3 Diethyl-ether C 41 0 -116.3 35 0.71 3 6.9g/100mL -extremely g/cm flammable 3M HCl HCl (aq) n/a n/a n/a n/a -corrosive 3M NaOH NaOH (aq) 6M HCl HCl (aq) 6M NaOH NaOH (aq) Melting point of pure benzoic acid: 110-115°C Yield (g): 0.12g % yield: ( ) Melting point of pure ethyl 4-aminobenzoate: 78-84°C Yield (g): 0.05g % yield: ( ) Mel
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