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Alkyl Halides Summary.doc

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CHEM 212
Ariel Fenster

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ALKYL HALIDES SUBSTITUTION AND ELIMINATION REACTIONS A) For S 1N 1. a tertiary RX 2. a weak nucleophile (e.g. H O or 2H COO¯) to 3ecrease S 2 and eliminatiNn 4. a highly polar solvent (to encourage ionization), e.g. H O 2 5. moderate temperature (to discourage elimination) B) For S 2 N 1. a methyl, primary or secondary RX - - 2. a strong nucleophile such as RO or CN 3. a high concentration of nucleophile 4. a solvent of relatively low polarity, such as acetone to discourage ionization 5. moderate temperature to discourage elimination C) For E1 1. a tertiary RX 2. a weak base 4.
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