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CHEM 222
Karine Auclair

CHEM 222 1/12/2012 6:56:00 AM - IR tutor  Spectral interpretation always starts at the high end because higher frequencies are easier to interpret  1-HEXENE o Can you determine which peaks arise from the double bond? (Hint: overlay the spectrum of hexane) o Absorption peak around 3000, sp3 bonds C-H bond  1-HEPTYNE o sp bonds, well above 3000 o CH stretch: very sharp, thin shape of absorption band o ONLY triple bonds (C-C, C-N) around 2200  HEPTYL CYANIDE o C-N tripe bond, aliphatic o Nothing above 3000 o Characteristic peak around 2200, C-N triple bond  TOLUENE (methylbenzene) o Sp3 stretch band shorter than sp2, rare case o Combination/overtone bands observed at lower frequencies o Characteristic of aromatics: few sharp strong peaks around 700  HEXANOL o Aliphatic compound with terminal alcohol o Very smooth peak, relatively strong and broad **SHAPE MATTERS = Typical O-H bond of alcohol o Absorption band around 3300-3400 o Stretches: sp3 hybridized carbons, C-H stretches slightly below 3000 o Band visible around 1100-1200, strong sharp band C-O bond (carboxylic acid, alcohols, ethers) o *Whether you have 1, 2 or 3 OH groups, you’ll only get ONE band  HEXYL AMINE o Absorption around 3300-3400, weak and triangular peaks o *NH2, two bands; NH, one band  When you get two bands, means NH is on the same carbon (double check) o C-O single bond appears around 1100  Carbonyl containing compounds  HEPTALDEHYDE o Aliphatic compound, sp3 stretches o Highly characteristic of aldehyde CH bond, weak peak at 2700-3000 o Carbonyl compound absorption around 1700  3-HEPTANONE o C=O stretch, strong absorption around 1700 o *Difference between ketone and aldehyde: ketone DOESN’T have CH weak peak  HEPTANOIC ACID o Can you determine which peaks arise from the acid group?
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