CLAS 208 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Anchises, Ascanius, Apotheosis

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3 Feb 2016
CLAS 208 Lecture 9 EPICS
1. Jupiter’s Prophecy Book 1
-notion of external leaders (readers) and internal leaders (putting yourself in character’s shoes)
-only prophecy that promises “endless empire” and permanence of Augustan achievement
-BUT Jupiter’s prophecy = consul grieving Venus (overly optimistic)
Jupiter is deceiving Venus: version of a future that suits Venus’ desires
1. Aeneas’ life 259-266
Aeneas will conquer a fierce people. Will impose mores (customs) and moenia (walls)
on men and will reign in Latium
Venus: Rome it to be a substitute for Troy fall = she wants to Troy
BUT Jupiter and Juno, unknown to Venus
>Aeneas: “the Trojans will build walls for me”
>Jupiter to Juno
The Italians will keep their own customs
the Trojan name will die out
*note the contradictions between what is said, how Venus is kept in dark
2. Ascanius
mentioned to Venus
Silvius not mentioned to Venus
3. Romulus
fratricide of Remus not mentioned to Venus
Romulus and Quirinus and brother Remus will give laws
=no mention of fratricide
=suggests only fraternal concord
4. Julius Caesar (286 BCE)
coming of Julius Caesar, whom Venus will receive in heaven
=laden with the spoils of eastern conquests
=his deification will bring a new age of peace and justice
*Jupiter omits information, hides info from certain people
Vergil is deliberately vague and ambiguous
>is it Julius Caesar or Augustus Caesar
Julius Caesar
eastern spoils = Alexandria and Pontus (48-47 BCE)
furor impius = civil wars
Gaius (Julius) Caesar (Octavianus)
-eastern spoils = winning over Mark Antony and Cleopatra
-age of peace = not before Actium
*JULIUS is they key word
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