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Lecture 3

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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 3 Notes Review:  Mytos: a traditional story with collective importance o Oral o No Identifiable author o Many variants of the same myth possible: the ‘myth’ is the complex of all variants o Culturally important to the people who told them and listened to them  Logos: a reasoned account by someone who stands by it, taking responsibility for the truth of what is said  Myth-ology: a reasoned inquiry into the topic of myth  Myths reflect the society that produces them and in turn help determine the nature of that society  The study of myth: o Compile o Compare o Understand myth’s significance within culture that produced it o Understand the myth’s broader human significance Historical Sketch: (Will not ask to relate date to time period but to know events in text and correspond them to dates)  Neolithic Age (6500-3000 B.C.) o Farming villages o Pottery, domesticating animals o The area that is now Greece and that part of Mediterranean was inhabited  Bronze Age Early (3000-2100 B.C.) – Minoan Period o The island of Crete and its capital Cnossus (Knossos) o Minoan were powerful on the sea, they were a thalassocracy; relied on trade o They used Linear A, a writing system recording that is non-Greek (language) o Matriarchal religion? o Ruled by women?  Bronze Age Middle (2100-1600 B.C.) o In 1630: eruption of Thera. It was the greatest volcanic eruption and blew out the center of the island. It is too simple to say the Minoan fell because of the eruption but can be a factor. o Between 2100-1900, the first wave of Indo-European invaded (migration) the area that is now Greece. They spoke the language that is still spoken today; Indo- European becomes Greek. They brought their own myths. o Male-dominated gods: located on Mt. Olympus o The Indo-European must have come into contact with Minoans and borrowed their language system. Linear B, a system similar to Linear A was a writing system recording early form of Greek. We call this Mycenaean Greek. o Linear B was not used to record stories, but rather for registration of palace accounts  Bronze Age Late (1600-1150 B.C.) – Mycenaean Period o 1600-1450 was the Mycenaean takeover o Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos o Invasion of Crete o 1373: Cnossus destroyed o 1250-1223 was the Trojan War o We can verify the Trojan War as
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