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Lecture 6

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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 6 Notes Important Titans and their offspring: nd  Cronus (last born son) + Rhea = (2 hieros gamos) children: Elder Olympians  Lapetus (best remembered for his children): Atlas (carrying weight of heavens on his shoulders), Prometheus (stories where he is mortal), Epimetheus (stand in for humanity)  Coeus (famous because of daughter Leto): Leto (mother of Apollo and Artemis)  Mnemosyne (‘Memory’, mother of 9 Muses): Muses (9) (patronesses of arts)  Hyperion: Helius (‘Sun’), Selene (‘Moon’), Eos (‘Dawn’) Three ‘sun’ myths:  Phaethon (Ovid’s Metamorphoses) o Son of Helius o Oath on River Styx o The driving of the chariot of the Sun o Hybris (pride/arrogance against the gods) o Devastation of the kosmos o Death by Zeus’ thunderbolt and fall into the Eridanus River  Selene (‘Moon’) and Endymion (mortal human) o Endymion’s fate: eternal sleep  Eos (‘Dawn’) and Tithonus (mortal human) (Homeri
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