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Lecture 16

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McGill University
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 16 Notes Hestia:  Is oldest and youngest of the Olympians; born first, but vomited last by Cronus  Also known as Vesta  Always paired up with Hermes (duality of traveller vs. someone who doesn’t move at all)  Represents the unmoving center  First born of Cronus and Rhea  Virgin: rejects both Poseidon and Apollo  Never left Olympus  Goddess of the hearth – sacred fire  Defines internal space of female world o Woman’s duty to tend the fire  Left out the canon of the Olympians  Vesta: goddess of hearth as center of family life (extended to the Roman community; was more important to Roman’s then the Greeks)  Vestal Virgins: Temple of Vesta in Roman Forum  Highly regarded and important Aphrodite:  Influential and interesting goddess  Also known as Venus (Roman)  Ancient (12 c. BC), non-Greek – probably coming to Greece from the east  Two genealogies: o First generation gods – springs from semen of castration of Uranus o Daughter of Zeus and Dione 
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