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Lecture 17

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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 17 Notes Athena:  Also known as Minerva (Roman)  Always has her war gear, her helmet, shield, spear  Non-Greek origin  Early arrival in Greece (Linear B tablets)  Virgin goddess  Symbols: owl, serpent (at feet, on shield), aegis (goat skin pad)  Norn from Zeus’ head – deification of wisdom  Teacher of arts weaving o Carpentry (shipbuilding – Jason’s Argo) o Taming and training of horses o Inventor of the flute  Protectress of the hero o Perseus (son of Danae) – kills the Gorgon (Medusa) o Jason (son of Aeson) – the Golden Fleece o Bellerophon – tames flying horse Pegasus o Achilles (son of Peleus) – Trojan War o Odysseus (son of Laertes) – Trojan War  Goddess of war: spear, helmet, shield o On shield, aegis, Gordon’s head  Epithets o ‘glaukopis’ – ‘grey/keen/owl-eyed’ o Pallas Athena Tritogenia  (Palladium) – Odysseus, Diomedes  Athena and Arachne  Minerva: Italian deity, introduced by Etruscans  Armed woman, original war goddess?  Shared festival with Mars  Goddess of activities of mental skill (*men-) Artemis:  Other name is Diana (Roman)  Twin to Apollo  ‘Mistress of Animals’  Birth on Ortygia (Delos)  Goddess of chastity, huntress: pitiless  Silver bow, deer  Myths: o Niobe (Queen of Thebes, mother of many children. Niobe ridicules women who went to pay tribute to Leto who is Apollo and Artemis’ mother. Apollo slays all of Niobe’s sons and Artemis slays all of Niobe’s daughters with their arrows. Crying
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