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Lecture 20

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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 20 Notes Hades:  Orpheus (was son of Cretan King and a muse) and Eurydice o Death of Eurydice o Katabasis o Death of Orpheus  Aeneas (Virgil’s Aeneid) – was a Trojan prince who flees Troy and is the founder of Rome and the Romans. Must go to underworld to consult with father in order to find out where to go for his future quest. Aeneas has to go see the Sibyl of Cumae to get to the underworld. Aphrodite (mother of Aeneas) gives her son a golden bow to present to Persephone that he was chosen by fate to lead the quest of founding Rome. o Sibyl of Cumae (priestess of Apollo with gift) o Palinurus (part of Aeneas sailing crew who died but was not buried), Acheron (river meaning sorrowful – divides upper and lower world), Charon (ferryman who carries the souls of the dead), Dido (Queen of Tire, who committed suicide because Aeneas abandoned her) o Tartarus: great sinners  Danaids (daughter of King Danaus) o Elysium/Elysian Fields: Anchises o River Lethe: Transmigration of souls  Katabasis o Theseus (wants to marry Helene of Troy, but since she was still a girl, he leaves her in the care of his mother) and Pirithous (wants to marry Persephone) o Heracles, on his own journey in the underworld, saves Theseus, but leaves a bit of his thighs behind. Pirithous does not get saved Hero:  Well born, noble warrior (Homer)  Marvellous figure of the distant past  Heroes of epic: worshipped as powers  Dwelling beneath the earth:
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