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CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

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CLAS203 Lecture 21 Notes Hypermnestra and Lynceus to Perseus:  Gives birth to Abas  Abas has kids, a pair of hostile twins named Acrisius and Proetus  Acrisius and Proetus fights for power. It ends up Acrisius becomes king of Argos while Proetus becomes king of Tiryns  Acrisius, dispirit to have a son, cannot get one, but rather, has a daughter named Danae o Puts Danae in a bronze chamber so she could not get pregnant because the oracle tells Acrisius that his grandchildren will kill him Perseus:  The son of Zeus and Danae via the “Golden Shower”  Birth of Perseus: o Oracle o ‘The girl’s tragedy’  Prohibition  Seclusion  Violation of prohibition  Threat of death  Liberation – Dictys (fisherman who finds Danae and Perseus in a chest), Seriphos (island)*** (IMPORTANT)  The quest: o Threat to member of family: Danae – Polydectes (King of Seiphos, brother is Dictys) o Hero sent on quest – Gorgon’s head (Medusa) o Acquires magical aids – Athena, Graeae (three old hags with one working eye and tooth; only characters who can help Perseus defeat Medusa)  Cap of darkness  Winged sandals  Kibisis (
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